Real Estate Data Analytics
Real Estate Data Analytics

Real Estate Data Analytics

Efficient and strategic development are imperative for brand growth. redC can build a foundational growth plan to help guide an organization, align all key stakeholders, and help the brand achieve its development goals.

Data Analytics Support

Growth goals are not achieved by accident. Foundationally understanding a brand at its core is the starting point to developing a strategic growth plan. Knowing what makes a brand unique and the nuances of its customer base allows redC to build a road map for success. Blending the science of data analytics with the art of real estate forecasting, redC‘s whitespace market plans will guide future growth at market, trade area and site levels.

redC Provides Data Analytic Support with:

  • Customized GIS mapping platform
  • Customer segmentation profiles
  • Whitespace market plans
  • Market / Trade Area / Site analysis throughout site selection process
  • Cannibalization and overlap analysis