Brand Development

Your consumer experience is what defines your brand. At redC, we provide your growing business with all of the tools, systems and support to create a strong, lasting brand identity that connects with your consumers. With our professional branding and marketing support, we will help you develop the platforms and materials necessary to scale your business with ease.

Brand Identity Ideation & Consulting

Whether you are just starting your business and looking to create a new brand identity, or a seasoned veteran seeking an outside perspective on your business, redC is here to help you create your strongest brand.

Graphic Design Support

We have an experienced design team in-house to help create professional branding and marketing materials based on your brand guidelines.

Interior Marketing Frameworking

We will create a virtual walkthrough of your business floorplan to make sure that we take advantage of each of your revenue generating areas and maximize your potential for profit through professional marketing and branded materials.

Consumer Experience Consulting

How does your consumer see your brand? Our experienced Brand Development team will work with you to ensure that your brand’s look, feel, and voice shines through and creates a lasting connection with your customers.

Scalable business Marketing Tools

When creating a growing business or franchise, brand consistency is paramount. You need to ensure that the consumer experience and product you worked so hard to refine is the same in New York as it is in Los Angeles. redC can help you create scalable marketing tools that can be used coast to coast with ease so that your operators can focus on your customers.