How We Serve You

The benefits of the one-stop shop are plentiful.  Most important is a seamless transition from each stage of development.   To maximize the overall project potential, it is best to combine the services of Brand Development, Franchise Development, Real Estate, Design and Construction; however, each service can be independently relied on to suit your needs.

Franchise Development

Unlock The Potential Of Your Expansion Plans

redC is an extension and will handle all aspects of franchise development from lead generation to closing the deal. We have the experience to find your next best franchisee and know just how to target the opportunities – from online sources to trade shows and everything in between, we will ensure they are the right candidate for your business model. redC is well versed in franchise requirements including but not limited to legal, policy and regulatory; in addition to supporting the prospective franchisee through the process of securing necessary financing.

At redC we take your franchise expansion goals and make them a reality.

Real Estate

The Biggest Decision You Will Make For Your Business

Need a third party opinion on the biggest decision you will make for your business?

With over ten years of experience in franchised retail and restaurant site selection, redC is the one stop shop before committing to a commercial lease.

In addition to making sure your business is in the best possible location, redC can offer Letter of Intent, Landlord Work Letter and Lease procedures streamlining cycle time and maximizing negotiation potential. In this market, landlords are in the drivers seat. Let’s make sure that the best location comes with the fairest possible deal. On top of our thorough process and system implementation, we will make available to you our extensive, national network of brokers and real estate professionals.


Optimize The Flow And Efficiency Of Your Business

redC can conduct complete design review. Ensuring operational flow for the most efficient production and subsequent sale of your goods is critical to the success of your business. Let’s collaborate making sure you and your operators feel comfortable with the floor plan.

Value engineering is also essential. redC can review your complete design package ensuring the materials used to build out your business are of best quality at the most cost effective price.


We Manage Everything From Concept To Concrete

Why deal with the inevitable construction snags when redC can take care of them for you?

redC can facilitate everything from ordering your business cards to ensuring on time and on budget delivery of the certificate of occupancy and everything between.

A successful opening of your business is crucial. Without careful planning, a well thought out and executed marketing strategy, and a strong operations team you will fall short on setting a great first impression for your guests. As a business owner, the last thing you should be worried about are inevitable construction road blocks. Construction is not a science and no matter how prepared you think you are, things will go sideways. Let redC prioritize the build out so you can prioritize your business.

Brand Development

Create Brand Equity With Professional Branding And Marketing Support

RedC provides experienced insight, tools and support to shape your brand experience and create long-term customers.

Your consumer experience is what defines your brand. At redC, we provide your growing business with all of the tools, systems and support to create a strong, lasting brand identity that connects with your consumers. With our professional branding and marketing support, we will help you develop the platforms and materials necessary to scale your business with ease.